Here are our services and price list. Please use the button below the services to schedule your appointment.

This is a chance to meet the Practitioner and find out if acupuncture and/or alternative therapies are right for you.

No Charge

This first treatment icludes a detailed patient intake and history.

Cost $125

This is a single visit after your initial treatment.

Cost $95

This is a great way to start acupuncture and save $5 per treatment.

Cost $360

B-12 injections can increase energy and cellular health. They may also improve neurological issues & more.

Cost $20

This area targeted massage enhances the healing process and is for health puposes rather than relaxation.

Cost $55

Cupping releases the stagnation of blood flow and increases oxygenation to an area.

Cost $55

For those wanting to increase their savings we offer this package to save you $10 per treatment.

Cost $1020

Sarasota Family Acupuncture